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Muskrat Falls Solidarity Chain Fast

 Stop the Poisoning and Drowning of Labrador’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous People at Muskrat Falls

The Trudeau government has invested a whopping $9.2 billion into the lethal Muskrat Falls megadam in Labrador, which threatens an act of cultural genocide via methylmercury poisoning and the subsequent destruction of Indigenous cultures that have existed since time immemorial.

An additional threat is catastrophic dam break. Mass casualty flash floods are a real possibility since a significant portion of the dam reservoir is slated to be held back by a natural formation known as the North Spur, composed of quick clay (sand that liquefies and moves under pressure). No proper, independent engineering study has been performed to confirm the stability of the North Spur.

Like any number of megaprojects, all Indigenous people affected have not provided free, prior and informed consent to be poisoned and drowned by this megadam. Non-Indigenous residents also face similar threats from a project that could eventually cost as much as $78 billion and bankrupt the province.

Why We’re Fasting
To continue raising awareness and building resistance to the dangerous Muskrat Falls project, we will fast for one or more days during the months between summer solstice and fall equinox in support of the Labrador Land Protectors and all those living at risk downstream of the Muskrat Falls megadam.

We fast because we recognize that if Muskrat Falls goes online without any changes, the largely Indigenous downstream population will be faced with either going hungry or eating a country food web dangerously poisoned by the neurotoxin methylmercury.  

We fast because we recognize the hungering for justice of people who have never been properly consulted about a project that threatens their lives.

We fast because we recognize that all of us undertaking small sacrifices together can help awaken the sleeping conscience of a country that has yet to take seriously the calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the cornerstone principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
The fast will continue from June 21 to September 22 with three demands:

1.     Immediate implementation of the original recommendations from a major 2016 Harvard University study (seconded by an Independent Experts Advisory Committee) for full clearance of brush, trees, and topsoil, along with the capping of the wetlands, at the Muskrat Falls reservoir to prevent the bioaccumulation of the neurotoxin methylmercury.

2.     Immediate appointment of an independent inquiry into the instability of the North Spur, because no study has proven that it is secure enough to prevent a catastrophic dam break and mass drowning.

3.     The federal government, provincial government, and Nalcor (the crown corporation behind the dam) must halt all work on the dam until they have received the free, prior and informed consent of all Indigenous peoples affected by the dam, as well as that of non-Indigenous downstream residents.

How to participate in the Chain Fast
Pick a day (or a series of days) to fast throughout the summer season and email your name and town to A list of open dates is at .

Fast according to your preferred tradition (a full 24 hours, liquids only, sun up to sun down).

The fast is open to anyone (you can join even if you are not living in the land known as Canada)

On the day they fast we encourage you to:
a.     take a selfie with a simple message (ie, #ShutMuskratDown, Stop Poisoning of Labrador, Respect Indigenous Rights, etc) and share that image via social media, explaining why you are fasting on that day

b.     Write an email to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, Stolen Resources Minister Jim Carr, and Colonial Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett federally, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Dwight Ball and Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall (the crown corporation behind the project), to explain why you are fasting and reinforce the three demands listed above. Emails are:,,,,,,

c.     Write a letter to a local newspaper about why they are fasting, and perhaps link your fast to land and water protection struggles taking place in your territory.

d.     If you have the time, make a sign and vigil for an hour or two in public at a federal building or MP’s office to mark your fast and the reasons behind it (we can provide flyers to hand out).

Thanks for your support!

The Ontario-Muskrat Solidarity Coalition

Dates and Names and Towns of Fasters
Thursday, June 21:
Friday, June 22: Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, June 23:
Sunday, June 24:
Monday, June 25:
Tuesday, June 26: Cym Gomery, Montreal
Wednesday, June 27: Hannah Miller  Fortune, Newfoundland
Thursday, June 28:
Friday, June 29: Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, June 30:
Sunday, July 1: Liz Chisholm, Chilliwack, BC
Monday, July 2:
Tuesday, July 3: Maureen McGahey, Perth, ON
Wednesday, July 4:
Thursday, July 5:
Friday, July 6: Trycia Bazinet, Ottawa, Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, July 7:
Sunday, July 8:
Monday, July 9:
Tuesday, July 10:
Wednesday, July 11: krishna e bera, Algonquin Territory, Ottawa
Thursday, July 12:
Friday, July 13: Trycia Bazinet, Ottawa, Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, July 14:
Sunday, July 15:
Monday, July 16:
Tuesday, July 17:
Wednesday, July 18:
Thursday, July 19:
Friday, July 20: Trycia Bazinet, Ottawa, Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, July 21:
Sunday, July 22:
Monday, July 23:
Tuesday, July 24:
Wednesday, July 25:
Thursday, July 26:
Friday, July 27: Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, July 28:
Sunday, July 29:
Monday, July 30:
Tuesday, July 31:
Wednesday, August 1:
Thursday, August 2:
Friday, August 3: Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, August 4:
Sunday, August 5:
Monday, August 6:
Tuesday, August 7:
Wednesday, August 8:
Thursday, August 9: Denise Cole, Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Friday, August 10: Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, August 11:
Sunday, August 12:
Monday, August 13:
Tuesday, August 14:
Wednesday, August 15:
Thursday, August 16:
Friday, August 17: Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, August 18:
Sunday, August 19:
Monday, August 20:
Tuesday, August 21:
Wednesday, August 22:
Thursday, August 23:
Friday, August 24: Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, August 25:
Sunday, August 26:
Monday, August 27:
Tuesday, August 28:
Wednesday, August 29:
Thursday, August 30:
Friday, August 31: Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, Sept. 1:
Sunday, Sept. 2:
Monday, Sept. 3:
Tuesday, Sept. 4:
Wednesday, Sept. 5:
Thursday, Sept. 6:
Friday, Sept. 7: Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, Sept. 8:
Sunday, Sept. 9:
Monday, Sept. 10: Liza Holly Hancock, Woodville, Ontario
Tuesday, Sept. 11:
Wednesday, Sept. 12:
Thursday, Sept. 13:
Friday, Sept. 14: Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, Sept. 15:
Sunday, Sept. 16:
Monday, Sept. 17:
Tuesday, Sept. 18:
Wednesday, Sept. 19:
Thursday, Sept. 20:
Friday, Sept. 21: Linnéa Rowlatt, Ottawa, Graham Lettner, Black Diamond, Alberta
Saturday, Sept. 22:

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